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2020 Bindner Academy Newsletter

 Here is an update on the latest news and changes at our academy.


6th First classes of 2020!

We are always striving to improve student experience at our adademy so that our classes are fun, effective, and focused. Thank-you for your survey feedback!  Because of your input, we can be our very best.

 Sensei Bindner’s first book is being edited as we speak, and he is hopeful that it will be published, and available to purchase by the end of spring 2020!


Private lessons are a great way to get ahead, or catch up on your training. Book one today, and learn 7-10 times faster, with our special instruction.



Refer one person who registers in any of our programs, and receive a 30 minute private lesson with Sensei, a thank-you for promoting our academy!

Membership Reminder

This is a reminder that we do not hold membership fees over the summer time. Tuition is calculated on a yearly basis, and divided into12 equal payments, due on the first of each month. A month-to-month membership is our policy. Written notice is required 60 days before the next scheduled withdrawal date to terminate an agreement.

Thank-you for your support!

Professor Derek Bindner


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