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Classes and Schedule

Training programs for everyone age 7 and up!

Kids (ages 7-14)

The kids program is an age-appropriate, self-protection and conflict navigation program taught exclusively at our school. The ultimate purpose of kids programs, is to empower and equip children with the confidence and courage to face adversity, and navigate bullying successfully. The curriculum has been professionally designed to teach children how to use their voice, and to stand up for themselves in a peaceful, respectable and appropriate manner, using assertion and not aggression. To help kids navigate conflict more effectively, we incorporate role playing, and have kids play both roles, in order to understand the perspective of each side.

Group classes run every Monday and Wednesday at 6 pm-6:35 (ages 7-10), and 6:40-7:25 pm (ages 11-14), and Saturdays at 9:15-10 am (all ages). Daytime private lessons are offered on-line, and in-person. 

Why Kids Classes?

The First, and MOST IMPORTANT step for kids to do when targeted by a bully, is to stand up for themselves verbally.  Many children are not confident enough to stand up for themselves verbally, because they are not confident enough in their ability to defend themselves physically.  That is where this program comes in! The kids program does NOT show kids how to fight or get into more fights—it is just the opposite. The kids program helps kids not to feel powerless or helpless, and gives their parents peace of mind, knowing that their child will make the best decisions and be able to “handle” a situation better than if they had not received this specific training.

Register now, and play an active role in your child’s personal safety and well-being!

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes (ages 15 and up)

Our adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes (ages 15 and up), are taught with the gi (uniform). Each class consists of warm-ups, stretching, drills, techniques, and live training with a partner. You will learn how to control yourself mentally and physically through proper breathing and relaxing techniques. Then you will learn how to control an opponent using the application of proper positions of leverage on the opponent, while using their energy against them. We have joined together a unique, full body, mind and spirit workout that is fun, fulfilling, and practical. This type of training goes far beyond the benefits of standard health club type exercise programs.

Regular on-going classes run every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30-9:00pm. Daytime private lessons are offered on-line, and in-person.

Fusion Aiki-jitsu classes (ages 15 and up)

Welcome to the Evolution of Martial Arts and the Modern Warrior.

In 2020, to be an integrated martial artist and modern warrior, one must be able to read the environment, navigate adversity, move and flow through all ranges of combat, and master the moment by mastering the breath.

Fusion Aiki-jitsu is an integration of martial arts, functional movement, yoga, and western psychology. A progressive approach to self-protection and self-preservation, for the purpose of increasing the quality, and longevity of life. 

Translated from Japanese, Aiki means “Intercepting Force/Blending Energy”, and Jitsu means “Flexible/Adaptable Art”. Fusion Aiki-jitsu (aka AJF), is constantly being up-dated and refined, to keep relevant with modern times. AJF strives to navigate conflict peacefully, ethically, responsibly, and with minimal to zero chance of injury to every participant. AJF is a fun and versatile practice that teaches centering, proper breathing, threat detection/assessment, mindset, and verbal conflict de-escalation techniques. The physical techniques cover ranges of combat, strategic maneuvering, escapes, striking, throwing, take-downs, pins, chokes, joint locks and escorting techniques, in both standing and ground control. AJF utilizes single and multiple opponent control strategies, as well as armed and unarmed scenario-based training to educate, equip, and prepare each individual for real world theory and application. Private and group classes are for adults and teens 15+.

Classes run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30-8:30 pm, and Saturday at 10-11am.

Private lessons are available, and are scheduled during the week days, and on Saturdays!

Built on a foundation of self-protection and self-mastery, were tradition meets sport, meets reality.

Fusion Aiki-jitsu TACTICS (Optional Up-grade Program)

Bindner Academy understands that some students have the desire to “pressure test” their knowledge, skills, and abilities. This is exactly why we offer the optional “TACTICS”, up-grade program. Originally designed in 1997, AJTactics was only taught to executive /close protection specialists, police, and law enforcement professionals in Ontario and Quebec, for a “closer to reality check” experience. AJT was an answer for developing leadership and tactical skills during high stress, physical combat. Referred to as “reality-based aliveness training”, practiced in a safe and controlled environment, is the closest we can come to actual level 4 combat, without major injuries.

Tactics \n. sing or pl  1: the science of maneuvering forces in combat  2: the skill of using available means to reach an end.

Fusion Aiki-jitsu TACTICS is the perfect opportunity for those who desire to challenge themselves in a variety of skill building modes:

  1. Kickboxing (Striking)
  2. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (Grappling)
  3. Aikido (Strategic Maneuvering)
  4. Multiple Attackers (Science and Application)
  5. All of the above

The Fusion Aiki-jitsu TACTICS up-grade program runs every Monday and Wednesday at 8:30-9pm, directly following the regular Fusion program.

Students wishing to further their training experience in violent encounters, are encouraged to register for our level 5, “BRAVE” (Battle Ready at Violent Encounters) course. A one day intense training experience, that covers the psychology, physiology, physics, and physical implications of a violent encounter, that has been initiated suddenly and unexpectedly.

8-Week Warriorfit Boot Camp (ages 16 and up)

Win in your mind FIRST, before you set foot in the battlefield of life.

Being Warriorfit is more than being in good physical condition, staying safe, and knowing how to protect ones self; it is a mindset and a powerful way of life. Warriorfit is about being prepared, and forging confidence, courage, and clarity, for a life of purpose, passion, and presence.

You are are a leader, and capable of more than you know. Warriorfit is for those who want to go to the challenge, before it greets them. Warriorfit candidates have the desire, drive, and determination to become better, and accomplish more in their life. The Warriorfit program is for professionals, stay-at-home moms and dads, students, athletes, and anyone who dares to do the deep work, and step into their greatness.



8-Week courses run 3 times per year, and limited to 20 participants. Contact us for any inquiries.


Our classes are limited so everyone learns and has a chance to practice and develop their skills at every workout session.

New members are always welcome to start anytime!

519-660-0992 or info@Bindnerbjj.com

Training Benefits

You will sweat, lose weight, decrease your body fat, develop and tone your muscles, gain flexibility and mobility, increase your balance, agility, energy and endurance levels, decrease stress, and increase your brain function, centeredness and focus. Not to mention improve your self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, health and over-all mood. Students will also learn solo drills that can be practiced virtually anywhere outside the dojo. Certified instructors will lead, coach, and encourage you through every class.

New Members

Students new to Jiu-jitsu, especially those who have no prior martial arts experience, are entering a world of unfamiliar customs, new ideas, and exciting challenges to both the body and mind. Students will train with others having varying levels of experience. By working with a variety of other students, you will be exposed to different body types, and ideas to help expand your mind, and collective knowledge. During class, new members are assisted by a certified instructor. Attention is given to gross motor skills such as basic stance, movements, strikes, techniques, safe ways of falling, and ground positions. Everyone works together to promote co-operation and a non-violent environment for maximum fun and fitness.

Patience is an integral part of Jiu-jitsu. It is important for the senior belts as it is for the beginner. With patience we learn many important lessons. We learn respect, self-discipline, and how to execute a technique safely and properly. Even the accuracy of your technique and your timing are directly related to your patience.

Sometimes you may find a technique or a control uncomfortable. Remember, your partner is not acting maliciously, it is a part of training. With patience and self-discipline you will not only learn a greater awareness of the technique and how it works, but a greater awareness of yourself in body, mind and spirit.

It is important to remember that your fellow students, especially the seniors, are there to help you. If you need help, ask the instructor. Seniors are obliged to help the juniors. They not only know what you are going through, but how difficult it can be in the beginning. Do not expect it to be easy, but do not think for one second it is unattainable. Everyone feels a little awkward at the start, and no one stops learning.

So relax and flow with the go. Pretty soon you will be doing break falls, throws, and techniques. You will also find yourself developing new friendships that will make each step a little easier to take. Eventually you will be the senior and the onus will be on you to help the beginner. It takes time. It takes patience.

Beginner’s Training Tips

The initial period of Jiu-jitsu is the most difficult time for most. You may feel awkward and may find unexpected bruises that indicate the smooth rolls and falls that you see are not quite as easy to duplicate as they may appear. This feeling of awkwardness is entirely normal. If you see smiles in response to early attempts to master grappling, please keep in mind that those smiles are not smiles of derision, but represent the very recent memory of the difficulty of personal starting efforts. After some time has passed, you will feel competent to test for rank. Testing is the time when you begin to experience an understanding of the techniques and their principles. Training Perspective:

Pace yourself! Be realistic in your training goals. Many people think they have to give 100% of their energy, 100% of the time. This is unrealistic and impossible. Don’t be discouraged if you tap out frequently at the beginning. Once you learn the basic techniques, you will start to develop skills and a sense of feeling for body movements. You will accumulate knowledge of which submission move your opponent is attempting, and therefore you will be able to resist, or use the counter-movement to prevent it from happening.

Preventing Injury

Keep flexible and relaxed! Make sure you stretch and warm-up before class. Don’t get discouraged by sore muscles, joints or minor injuries such as bruises. This occurs as a beginner, using movements and muscles that your body is not accustomed to everyday. Do not worry, over time your body will adjust.

  • Do not hesitate to ask questions at anytime. Our goal is to prevent any injuries at all costs!
  • Flow with the go, and go with the flow, use the energy you are given to your advantage!
  • Never execute a technique or movement that you are not comfortable with!
  • Practice at your own speed and pace!
  • Relax and Have Fun!

What our members are saying

“Bindner Academy is a great place to train. I’ve been training here for about a year now. At 41 I was a little apprehensive at starting such a physically demanding sport/martial art, but once I started, I quickly fell in love with BJJ and have had no regrets.
… and I’m in the best shape of my life 

The instructors are first class. Through their teaching methods, I get a kick-ass workout, learn the basics and fundamentals, along with some cool techniques, all in a welcoming, comfortable and safe atmosphere.
The guys in class are all great too. No one with an attitude, everyone is here to learn and have fun… young and older alike

I highly recommend this place… 2 thumbs up!”

Derek Davis


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